ARC’s organisational structure consists of a Board of Directors (BOD), a Centre Co-Ordinator and Centre Staff.

The ARC BOD make up the Centre’s governing body and is comprised of a minimum of six Directors (currently four ARC Members and two Community Members). The Directors are not paid for their positions, despite providing a substantial amount of time and energy in directing strategic needs of the organisation.

The Board are democratically elected by Member organisations at the ARC Annual General Meeting. The current Board was voted in by the overwhelming majority of Members on January 30, 2012 and was the most attended meeting in recent history. The Membership democratically voted the current Board in the firm belief that they would effectively carry out their duties and address any existing disparities at the Centre.

The Board is responsible for the decisions, actions and obligations of the Centre according to:
•The laws relating to it as a legal entity, and laws relating to the purpose for which the organisation has been established
•The philosophy, objects, rules and by-laws set out in the constitution
•Terms and conditions of contractual agreements
•Board-endorsed strategies, policies, procedures and policies.

Legal duties of Board Members include fiduciary duties, company/incorporated regulatory requirements and general regulatory requirements.

The Board also oversees The Addison Road Community Centre Co-ordinator who manages the day-to-day operation of the Centre in consultation with a dedicated team of Centre staff.

At ARC there is also a Cultural Committee made up of volunteers at the Centre who work closely with the Cultural Development Worker to plan and oversee the development of arts and culture at the Centre.

ARC provides support to its members through:
•subsidised lease agreements
•cultural and indigenous development work and support
•promotion and networking of its services to the community
•circulation of news through a regular newsletter and website
•general maintenance services.

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Policy and Forms

Below is a list of policies for public viewing. These are all available for download. Please click to open up a PDF. ARCCO Constitution ARCCO Arrears Procedure ARCCO Conflict of Interest 2016 ARCCO Alcohol and Drugs Policy ARCCO Signage Policy ARCCO Repairs request ARCCO Underatking Responsibility for damage ARCCO Strategic Plan 2017 Documents for ARCCO […]

Board of Directors

Our current Board members are: – Debbie Killian (President) – Jennifer Killen – Marion Lawson  – Ben Benazzouz – Matthew Stegh –  Ulrike Bartels – Max Burgess – Matt Stegh – Emma Couch < Back to Governance

Annual Reports

ARCCO Annual Report 2017 2016 Annual Report:     2015 Annual Report:     2014 Annual Report 2013 Annual Report 2012 Annual Report 2016 Board Meeting Minutes < Back to Governance