Community Composting

Firmly committed to helping the environment, ARCC  has introduced a Community Composting initiative for its Members, Associate Members, Ground Staff and Residents.

Green and brown organic waste is collected from around the centre and turned into rich compost we can all use on-site to create luscious edible gardens. ARCC also picks up organic waste from the nearby fruit & vegetable shop, Jouni Fruit Market on Addison Road.

If you would like to learn more about composting please contact us!

For any enquiries about the composting initiative, or if you’re a member of the community and are interesting in finding out more, please contact

A special thank you to Tumblweed, AerobinReverse Garbage, and The Bower for all the kind donations towards this Community Compost initiative!

Thank you to Marrickville Council through the Sustainability Small Grants program for also supporting the Community Compost with a grant of $600 to create a mural and signage to illustrate composting process.