An ‘ecoPOP’  has literallly popped up at the entrance of the ARCC car park. The ecoPOP is a wonderful and innovative garden that recycles rain and harnesses energy from sunlight, cools and beautifies our Centre, creates awareness of the urban heat island and even provides food for the community.

The ecoPop was implemented in partnership with Total Environment Centre and Michael Mobbs (of which the ecoPOP is his latest initiative).

“The Addison Road Community Centre, like the rest of Sydney, is 6-8 degrees hotter in summer because of its black roads, car park, lack of tree cover and dark roofs. A solutions to cool our cities are road and car park garden ecoPOPs. They are one solution to the urban heat island effect.”  said Michael Mobbs.

The urban heat island effect has been scientifically proven to show that lack of greenery in our suburbs and heat absorbing materials used in infrastructure are contributing to making our cities hotter.

More Information

The city of Sydney has a thermal map highlighting just how hot our local streets have become.

Cool Streets – Total Environment Centre: