The Living Museum

Our centre is a Living Museum, with elements from the past being put to use in the present. The Living Museum is an ongoing project which explores the history of this dynamic and culturally diverse site. Home to the Gadigal people for over 40,000 years, this land was used as a market garden in 1852; […]

Food Justice Campaign

Join our war on waste! In early 2017, ARCCO launched a campaign to stop the wasteful disposal of food in Australia, inspired by French laws passed last year that prohibit supermarkets from destroying unsold edible food. The campaign is about diverting food that would otherwise be thrown away to food insecure people. ARCCO is passionate about fighting the war […]

Street Food Markets

1st & 3rd Saturday of the month, 4 pm – 9 pm The December 2017 markets are on the 2nd & 16th, then the chefs take a well-earned break in January and start again on the 3rd of February, 2018. The Street Food Markets are one of Sydney’s newest night markets, serving up authentic street […]

Food Pantry

The  Food Pantry makes good food affordable and accessible to all. If you’re on a low income, are unemployed, or struggling to get by, shopping at the Food Pantry will help stretch your budget. We have all sorts of good quality groceries and household products at affordable prices, plus free fruit, vegetables and bread. We rescue […]


Our centre is a great resource for school groups, who are welcome to visit our Living Museum or take part in our Public Schools Arts Festival. < Back to programs


Our environmental strategy focuses on the links between community wellbeing, sustainability and biodiversity. We think outside the boundaries of our centre, and respond to the Marrickville Council Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan, emphasising the value of our centre as an ecological stepping stone to link with the Cooks River. We aim to address issues of […]

Public Schools Arts Festival

An annual exhibition for public school students from the Greater Sydney region. Public School students from the Greater Sydney region are invited to showcase their creative work during Education Week, providing them with the exciting experience of exhibiting in the gallery and performance spaces of the Addison Road Community Centre – an Inner West cultural […]


Our centre supports the arts by providing subsidised studios for artists, affordable exhibition space in the StirrUp Gallery; holding the annual Public Schools Arts Festival , hosting the Addison Road Art Markets every Sunday, and creating outdoor exhibition spaces. The Addison Road Art Markets are held on Sundays in front of the StirrUp Gallery, from […]


ARCCO supports the community by running community development programs, partnering with other organisations on particular issues, providing spaces to local grassroots groups, conducting advocacy and research, and providing in-kind grants for fundraising events. Current programs we run include the Sydney Inner West Community A Fair, the ARCCO Food Pantry, and research into inequality in our local […]

La Casa de los Abuelos

At La Casa de los Abuelos the elderly in the Latin American community can gather to continue their cultural traditions while providing mentorship to new generations. Activities at La Casa de los Abuelos include excursions, transport services, health care information, translation services, food, music and games. ARCCO is particularly concerned about the elderly in our […]