Food Justice Campaign

Join our war on waste!

In early 2017, ARCCO launched a campaign to stop the wasteful disposal of food in Australia, inspired by French laws passed last year that prohibit supermarkets from destroying unsold edible food. The campaign is about diverting food that would otherwise be thrown away to food insecure people. ARCCO is passionate about fighting the war on waste and working towards an fair standard of living for all. Currently, the gap between food-insecure and food-secure people is increasing.

  • There are over 2 million Australians seeking food relief every year
  • Food insecure people are not only people who are homeless, but also people with low incomes, disabilities, refugees and Indigenous Australians
  • Food waste that ends up as landfill rots with other organics and releases greenhouse gases 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide emitted by motor vehicles
  • One-third of our bins are made up of food waste
  • The average family throws out over $3,500 worth of food each year

Food waste is mainly due to: 

  • Waste from paddock to plate: food being thrown away before it is sold due to supermarket food specifications
  • Supermarkets/food retailer’s food specifications and use-by-date restrictions
  • General household food waste

 Solutions include:

  • Changing the food appearance and specification laws for supermarkets
  • Enacting anti-waste laws for supermarkets
  • Minimising how much we purchase from supermarkets/markets
  • diverting unneeded food to people who need it first, then diverting it to animals and, as a last option, composting

ARCCO has received positive responses from members of the community and organisations about the ideas we are putting forward to decrease food waste and divert it to where it’s needed. Now we aim to broaden awareness and turn intuition into action across all households, food businesses, local, state and federal governments in Australia, with a goal of ending food waste nationwide.

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