StirrUp Gallery

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The ARCCO StirrUp Gallery is focused on diversity and accessibility, and is an alternative way for individual artists and groups to share their art with the community.

ARCCO does not take commissions from the artists. Instead, the gallery is rented for a flat fee of $500 a week, and artists are free to curate their show as they wish. The StirrUp Gallery forms part of ARCCO’s social enterprise program. We do not receive government funding, and therefore rely on our own resources, the hiring of the gallery, and the profits from our social enterprises to sustain the space.

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“The project of democratising space frees you in your artistic work. It is the art that counts, not how much you are selling. There is no right or wrong” says local artist Francis Hayes, who had an art show at the ARCCO Gallery together with three friends.

“Presenting at the ARCCO Gallery has given us the chance to work towards a special date and see the results in a clear space, separated off into some environment different from home. Then we could access how we are going and where we want to go next. It is a great space to get together, improve on your work and have some fun. You get to talk to other people.”