Advocacy & Research

We partner with other organisations and universities to conduct research that influencse our programs and strengthens our efforts to advocate for solutions to be implemented at a broader scale. With so many organisations based within our Centre, numerous partnerships and 9 acres to work with, we are in a unique position to amplify issues and explore solutions on site.

Our Urban Habitat Tree is a great example. It was the second to be created in NSW, its inspiring other people and organisations to adopt this innovative environmental solution, and it acts as a hub for wildlife research and monitoring – providing more evidence to advocate for wider funding and uptake of Habitat Trees and urban habitat renewal.

Creating the Food Pantry was our first response to our findings from research into the increasing inequalities faced by CALD communities in Marrickville. The Food Pantry is helping to relieve some of the immediate impacts of inequality, and as this program becomes more established we are exploring how we can form partnerships to advocate for more lasting solutions that address the causes of inequality.

Inequality Study

Mind The Gap An inquiry into the increasing inequalities faced by CALD members of the Marrickville Local Government Area community. See the full version below, or click here for the summary.