One Small World: The History of the Addison Road Community Centre

Soon after it opened in 1976, AI Grassby called the Addison Road Community Centre in Marrickville ‘one small world in Australia’. He was describing a remarkable multicultural experiment. A handful of determined migrant groups banded together to create their own community centre, a place for festivals, performances, to share culture, language, and to help others; a refuge in an English-speaking world.

This is a place that has seen many transformations. Once boggy land with a creek that ran into Gumbramorra swamp, it was transformed into a market garden, and then into an army depot that for sixty turbulent years was a focal point for war, peace and protest.

One Small World brings to life the humour, hope and purpose that have marked this place in all its years.   Many people know the centre today for its vibrant markets, selling street food and organic vegetables. This book reveals how a rich and fascinating history has made the Centre the special place it is today; how one small place has shaped a community and helped define Australia.  

Sue Castrique is a researcher and writer who lives in Marrickville. She is the author of the prize winning publication, Under the Colony’s Eye: Gentlemen and Convicts on Cockatoo Island, published in 2014. Her essay, ‘On the edge of Gumbramorra swamp’ was runner-up in the Wildcare Nature Writing award in 2016, and is published here for the first time.

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One Small World