Our environmental strategy focuses on the links between community wellbeing, sustainability and biodiversity.

We think outside the boundaries of our centre, and respond to the Marrickville Council Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan, emphasising the value of our centre as an ecological stepping stone to link with the Cooks River. We aim to address issues of species isolation and habitat fragmentation in the urban environment, as well as providing opportunities to the community for education and direct involvement.

The space we have here provides opportunities for a number of hands on projects, such as the community garden, composting, the schools art and sustainability exhibition, wildlife monitoring and re-vegetation.

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Return and Earn

Addison Road Community Centre is the first place in Sydney’s Inner West to host a Return and Earn station, as part of our commitment to social, economic and environmental sustainability. Under the NSW Container Deposit Scheme, used beverage containers can be returned for credit at 10c a container.  The reverse vending machine is easy and […]

Urban Habitats

In 2015, Addison Road Community Centre Organisation created an Urban Habitats program to foster wildlife habitat in the urban environment and enhance the benefits of green space that exists at our community centre. The program is centred around our Urban Habitat Tree, with interlinking research, education and arts components. The Urban Habitat Tree was created […]

Community Composting

Hobo Gro and The Addison Road Community Centre Organisation are working in partnership at the Community Compost site. Hobo Gro is an urban collective formed from a learning community based on ecologically sustainable practice. Their motto is “Helping Others Build Opportunity”. Hobo Gro offers and teaches composting, fertilising, community gardening, seed raising, horticultural therapy, energy […]

Community Garden

The Addison Road Community Garden is an un-gated community garden located in the grounds of the Addison Road Community Centre. It is a well established community garden and provides urban food production and sustainable community initiatives for Marrickville residents. The garden provides opportunities to: – grow food locally, – share knowledge and expertise, – interact […]