Community Garden

The Addison Road Community Garden is an un-gated community garden located in the grounds of the Addison Road Community Centre.

It is a well established community garden and provides urban food production and sustainable community initiatives for Marrickville residents. The garden provides opportunities to:

– grow food locally,
– share knowledge and expertise,
– interact with diverse community members in a safe environment
– engage in manual labour providing healthy exercise and fostering good mental health
– experience artistic inspiration,
– encourage eco-living and waste reduction
– encourage healthy eating
– increase the number and diversity of plants and animals in the area
– address soil contamination
– enjoy eating fresh and locally produced food, and
– participate in democratic decision-making

The garden volunteers cook lunch from produce from the garden and from the ‘harvest’ from the markets on at their Sunday working bees, providing food for people, many of whom experience financial and or social disadvantage.

The garden is 100% run by volunteers. Head to their website for more info and contact details.

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