Honour Roll For Peace

Commemorate your peace heroes!
The Honour Roll for Peace at Addison Road was inaugurated on 28th of October 2016, marking the centenary of the WWI vote against conscription in Australia.

At the gates of a former military depot (opened in 1916) and the site of anti-conscription protests during the Vietnam War, the Honour Roll for Peace is the first of its kind in this country. It records the names of people and groups from Sydney and beyond who have resisted war or sought the just and peaceful resolution of conflicts at home and overseas.
This project will be funded through community subscription, with the creation and installation of the plaques co-ordinated by the Addison Road Community Centre Organisation.

Plaque ordering details:
If you would like to purchase a plaque in honour of a person, group or organisation that has pursued peace in any period, please complete the application form below. Plaques ordered will be engraved and installed in small batches on an ongoing basis.

Prices from 1st October 2016:
$50 for up to 10 words
$70 for up to 20 words

There is an option to make an extra contribution at time of payment to help ARCCO cover costs of the installation of the Honour Roll for Peace.
For more information, please contact museum@arcco.org.au.

This project is part of Addison Road Community Centre’s Living Museum program.

Cover image: Save Our Sons protesting conscription during the Vietnam War at the gates of the army barracks, now the Addison Road Community Centre.