The Living Museum

Our centre is a Living Museum, with elements from the past being put to use in the present.

The Living Museum is an ongoing project which explores the history of this dynamic and culturally diverse site. Home to the Gadigal people for over 40,000 years, this land was used as a market garden in 1852; an Army Depot in 1913; and became a community centre at the birth of multiculturalism in 1976.

Today ARCCO continues to be a hub for arts, culture, and social environmental justice. Elements of the museum include the gathering of interviews, photos and artefacts to build a picture of the history of our site; community events that reveal various eras of our history, such as 50 Years of Radical Activism or Tails from the Past; and lasting installations such as the Heritage Trail.

One way to engage with the Living Museum is to walk the Heritage Trail, which traces the original creek line through the site’s incarnations.

The Living Museum is a a fascinating and flexible resource for the schools of the Inner West and beyond. Teachers can lead their own groups, or book a guided tour or special activities.

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Honour Roll For Peace

Commemorate your peace heroes! The Honour Roll for Peace at Addison Road was inaugurated on 28th of October 2016, marking the centenary of the WWI vote against conscription in Australia. At the gates of a former military depot (opened in 1916) and the site of anti-conscription protests during the Vietnam War, the Honour Roll for […]

One Small World: The History of the Addison Road Community Centre

Soon after it opened in 1976, AI Grassby called the Addison Road Community Centre in Marrickville ‘one small world in Australia’. He was describing a remarkable multicultural experiment. A handful of determined migrant groups banded together to create their own community centre, a place for festivals, performances, to share culture, language, and to help others; […]

Heritage Trail

Take the self-guided walking trail of the Addison Road Community Centre, with text and visuals showing the different stages of the site’s evolution. From pre-colonisation it takes us through the various periods; a market garden; army barracks; to the birth of multiculturalism and and the community centre. Uncover our site’s unique layers of history as […]