Since 2011, ARC Management’s objective has been to strengthen the institutional capacity of the organisation with particular attention to strategic and technical capabilities to be more effective, equitable and responsive. In consultation with current Members, Associate Members and friends, ARC Management have envisioned a new five year plan based on the unique cultural diversity at the Centre. Issues of governance and process, infrastructure and events, ideas and designs have been incorporated into the Centre’s vision that reflects the people and organisations at the Centre.

The ARC Board was also mandated with the task of developing an improved and equitable system for rental levies that also reflects the current context.

◾A sub-committee was formed amongst Board Members to draft a system.
◾Participatory discussions and transparent processes were adopted throughout this development and discussions took place during scheduled Board Meetings.
◾Research took place in order to find models and formulas outside of ARC.
◾After the research, various components of the models researched were adopted and an outline of the formula was developed.

New leasing model

The purpose of ARC’s new leasing formula is:-
◾To implement a more equitable system of levies for all members
◾To ensure fairness
◾To guarantee the continued operation of the centre
◾To increase and strengthen the capacity to deliver infrastructure maintenance and reduce liability
◾To improve environmental standards and practices
◾To safeguard and improve OHS
◾To obtain a percentage of cost recovery on utilities that correlate with CPI
◾To facilitate a process of budget projection to aid cultural programs and infrastructure maintenance and improvement.
◾To continue to meet our objectives and lift the profile of our unique, vibrant and precious centre
◾To make sure all members continue to fulfil their mission and contribute to a better society.

The new equitable levy system

The table below shows examples of the disparity between Member’s levies under the previous levy system. Despite Turkish Welfare, the Greek Theatre and The Addison Road Art Gallery having similar size per square metre, their rate per square metre varies significantly with The Addison Road Art Gallery paying only $1.43 per square meter and a monthly levy of just $717.14, compared to the Greek Theatre who pay $1749.55 monthly. This quite clearly indicates that the levy system is not equitable as it allows certain Members to benefit from lower levy rates.

Example of disparities from category ‘G’

Category    Member SIZE X SQ Metre  RATE PER SQ Metre   Current Monthly Levy 
G Turkish Welfare 508 sqm $3.44 $1749.55
G Greek Theatre 507 sqm $3.50 $1772.30
G SideTrack Theatre 557 sqm $2.63 $1462.78
G Addison Road Art Gallery 500 sqm $1.43 $717.14
H Reverse Garbage 801 sqm $4.22 $3,383.50

Under the new levy system, each Member will be categorised according to size with equal levy rates per square metre – ensuring equity and fairness for all Members.

As part of ARC Management’s process of reviewing and restructuring to become a more equitable and responsive Community Centre, we will also revise our Constitution, according to the process outlined in our Constitution, as this fulfils our review on Governance.