Public Schools Arts Festival

An annual exhibition for public school students from the Greater Sydney region.

Public School students from the Greater Sydney region are invited to showcase their creative work during Education Week, providing them with the exciting experience of exhibiting in the gallery and performance spaces of the Addison Road Community Centre – an Inner West cultural hub. The festival is organised with the participation of a Youth Board, made up of students from various schools. This year the Youth Board are helping to curate the exhibition and create a social media profile for the festival.

The festival will launch with an opening night, where the schools come together with friends, family and the wider public to show their work, including any live performances.

The Addison Road Community Centre Organisation works with the Inner City Teachers’ Association, local teachers and Drawn to Seeing to hold the Public Schools Arts Festival.

The festival is now in its 3rd year, and has proven a wonderful opportunity to showcase the creativity and talent in our public schools.



Registration Information

Join us in 2017! Registration is open, and participation is free of charge. If you’d like your school to be involved in the Public Schools Arts Festival please register online.


Artwork guidelines

In previous years, students have worked with a theme; this year we simply encourage classes to consider ARCCO’s values of diversity, belonging, sustainability & working together. Works can be in a variety of mediums including but not limited to painting, drawing, poetry, fiction, short-film, digital media, drama, photography. The only requirement is that the work is collaborative (made by one or more student); it does not need to be created specifically for the event, but can be any creative work made throughout the year.

You can contact the centre on (02) 9569 7633 with any enquiries, or email