Rosanna Barbero – Centre Co-Ordinator

Rosanna Barbero took up the position of Centre-Coordinator in August, last year. She arrived fresh from the global south, where she’d spent the last decade working in poverty reduction, human rights and women’s development. Rosanna takes her responsibility of managing the centre very seriously. She says, “We have this incredible resource, and we have to be very responsible about it. The site is leased to us, and part of our contribution to the community is that we lease parts of this site to community-based organisations or individual artists that are in-line with our objectives, our mission and our vision.”

Juan Carlos Riaz – Cultural Development Officer

Juan Carlos is responsible for developing, supporting and promoting the diverse range of cultural projects undertaken by Members at the Addison Road Centre. Juan Carlos has successfully developed a whole series of projects since commencing as Cultural Development Officer and has introduced Friday evening “Foodz & Toonz” and some large scale events in the centre’s Great Hall.

Rosy Porter – Environmental Officer

In January, Addison Road Centre hired a part-time Environmental Officer. Rosy Porter has a background in conservation, community gardening and bush regeneration. She is also studying landscape architecture. One of her first undertakings has been to establish a compost area, where everyone in the centre can process their organic waste. Rosy also wants to improve the biodiversity of the centre and imagines a place with a lot more grasses and a little less lawn – greenery that will hopefully bring back some of the birds and animals that disappeared as colonial Australia settled in.

Eva Harmeling – Office Intern

Eva Harmeling travelled the long way overseas to become our first German intern at the ARC. Back in Germany, she studies English, Culture and Literature for a Bachelor’s degree, aiming at a future career in journalism and the media. As she is very much into writing, and did several internships with newspapers in Germany, during her time at the ARC she supports our small team in (social) media coverage and enjoys the possibilities to get creatively engaged within our projects and events. She hopes to get personal insight into the – at least from a European point of view – “exotic” Australian society and the multiculturalism around the ARC. She is determined to pull out as much experience as she can from her intercultural exchange.