Available Spaces

There is currently a 60-square metre space available at the Centre. If you would like to apply for a subsidised license to use a space, please see the application process and Expression of Interest criteria below.





Expression of Interest Criteria

Interested organisations (Not For Profits or Community based NGO’s) are invited to submit an expression of interest to the Cultural Coordinator – info@arcco.org.au

The EOI should be completed by responding to the following questions:

  1. The Addison Road Community Centre supports the building of relationships in the community; and facilitates institutional capacity strengthening of Not for Profits by proving in-kind grants in the form of subsidized rents.  Illustrate why your organisation should be a recipient.
  2. What does membership to the ARCC mean to your Organisation?
  3. What will your Organisation contribute to the ARCC?

And should include the following information:

  • The NGO’s name and Contact Information
  • A profile of the Organisation
  • The structure of the Organisation
  • A description of the programs and activities of the Organisation
  • Past and on-going projects in the relevant sector for which the NGO is expressing interest
  • Ideal size of space your operations requires and/or other facilities
  • Any Letters of Reference for the Organisation from Government, Partners and Donors.

This round allocation is targeting NGOs that broadly work in the area of Human Rights, Environment, Animal Rights, Community Development and Arts & Culture.

In order to ensure engagement and involvement of NGOs and other civil society organisations, proposing NGOs are encouraged to submit EOIs which define partnerships with other local NGOs and CBOs. Information on such partner organisations should be included in your EOI. Similarly, smaller or local NGOs that do not have operational budgets should consider partnering, collaborating or building alliances with other NGO’s for the purpose of this EOI.