Tenancy news

Recent posts on social media about tenants at Addison Road Community Centre being kicked out are untrue. The Centre is an independent, non-profit organisation that receives no government funding, run for community benefit and recreation since 1976. After 40 years charging peppercorn rents, rates for tenants at the Centre were put up in 2016. This was a decision taken by the Addison Road Community Centre Organisation’s Board of Directors to ensure that the Centre can continue to serve the community into the future. We need to keep up with rising costs of maintaining buildings, roads, utilities, insurances and community programs. Of great concern is the care of our historic World War One group of buildings, many of which are in need of costly repair and restoration.

However, because of ARRCO’s commitment to social justice, arts & culture and the environment, rental rates are still subsidised and 40 out of 43 of the Centre’s tenants have agreed to the new rental policy, supporting the Centre’s sustainability. The policy staggers rents according to how tenants use their space, eg. if they have retail operations, or are creative sole-traders, or provide direct community services. These range from long-term tenants like the Greek Theatre, Ultimo Project studios and Ethnic Community Services Co-op, to newer neighbours like Youth Off the Streets and Maggie’s Rescue.

ARCCO also supports several organisations that provide essential social services, such as help for elderly, low-income, and culturally and linguistically diverse communities, by providing simple workspaces to them at no cost. Community action groups and projects, like Stop WestConnex or Boomerang Bags’ environmental film night, also hold events here without charge – part of Addison Road’s vital role as a neighbourhood centre, venue, creative space and haven for Sydney’s Inner West.

If you have any queries about the ARCCO’s rental policy, please contact ARCCO’s General Manager, Rosanna Barbero on 9569 7633 or get in touch by email on info@arcco.org.au