Here and Now Exhibition – July 19th – July 24th

“Here and Now” is a showcase of work by six artists, all completing a Master of Art at UNSW Art and Design.

“Here and Now” presents these artists’ contemporary view of the present and the universal; from the passing of time, to the expanding of time and current observations of the world around us.

“Here and now” is a snapshot of the moment, interpreted in a diverse and individual way by each artist and explored through a range of media that contemporary artists are engaging with, including video, print media, sculpture and installation.

Exhibition Dates Tues 19 – Sun 24 July 10am-6pm
Opening Drinks: Tuesday 19th July 2016, 6-8pm
Location: StirrUp Gallery at Addison Road Community Centre
142 Addison Rd, Marrickville NSW
(near Reverse Garbage)

Timba Bridge
Christophe Domergue
Wenhui He
Stephen Lambeth
Daniel Shaw
Julian Wolkenstein