Orientation : the cognitive part – September 6th – 11th

Takashi Tachibana
Minimal ink and brush works on rice and watercolour papers, dealing with the human condition and reality. Art, information and a number of talks through the week.

Artist statement:

“I want to show how we exist, as a part of a whole being of reality.

We are lost from our whole being. I have come to understand our reality is created by our whole and “projected” through the Central Nervous System (brain and spine).
In this we are displaced from our whole being by being projected, and furthermore we are isolated within our projected reality as we identify in our self and with what we experience.

However, we can be in relation with our whole as a projected part. Here depicted, for the first time as far as I can ascertain, are the various parts of our reality as they are projected in
their certain ways or shapes. They refer to our “actuality”, our existence in fact occupying space as projection, and as such we may be in relation with our whole being.

This relation is introduced in the exhibition with exercises, having discussed and depicted the “cognitive parts” of our projected reality and our whole.
It is an approach that developed through personal practice and inquiry as a medical practitioner. I recognise now how it originates from a fundamental “orientation” of our projected part, in space and with our whole being of reality.

A whole being is missing from our realities of experience and cognitive systems. I endeavour to communicate an “orientation” that determines our projected reality and the process
of integration as a part of our whole.

From early in my youth, I have drawn what I capture of reality in notes I have kept. They have developed hand-in-hand with my sense and understanding of our reality. It is hoped
that the depictions with their explanation, bring one to one’s own actuality and relation with one’s whole.

I have exhibited locally in the Northern beaches but want to present more of the ideas and practice that come with what is depicted. I feel the Stirrup Gallery with its eclectic
cosmopolitan environment suitable for this and look forward to having an exhibition there.”

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